One of life’s curious things is to understand the “why” or motivation behind someone’s decision to create something original or handcrafted.  My motivation or “why” are my grandmother and my Mom; both are now asleep in death.  As a young girl, my most vivid and happiest memories are of taking long walks with my grandmother and my Mom.  Sometimes we’d walk along a creek, in the woods, or in an open field of wildflowers.  Usually, my small hand was nestled into theirs while listening to them share stories about the breathtaking creation all around us; opening my eyes to the artistry of nature’s masterpieces!

In 2007, while living in Southern California, I decided to leave my career in the legal industry and pursue my love of nature.  In memory of my two favorite women, I began creating a sparkling version of my favorite creatures called Whimsical Winged Creations. I handwire each dragonfly, butterfly or hummingbird; add a little shimmer to their gossamer wings and of course, sparkle to their bodies with Austrian Swarovski crystals.  Since it’s sunny almost 24/7 in SoCal, I chose a Saturday Farmers Market to debut my creations. To my delight, they made people smile!  They also made people think of the ones they love. Since 2007, I’ve lived across the United States and my Whimsical Winged Creations continue to “fly” to all parts of the world as gifts for loved ones.  These creatures can be worn as necklaces, earrings and pins.  Or they can be displayed in your car or home.  A wonderful tribute to someone special in your heart.

My “why” expanded with my second jewelry collection “Aroma on the Rocks” essential oil diffuser jewelry.  In the Spring of 2018, my husband and I were volunteering in Orlando, Florida on Disaster Relief Work. A local couple lovingly provided housing for us during our stay.  The wife, noticing my anxious care, compassionately offered me some of her awesome smelling essential oils to help calm my mind and heart. Once we returned home I began to research the benefits of using essential oils on diffuser jewelry and voila I came up with Aroma on the Rocks.  It’s jewelry with a purpose!  Now I offer both sparkle and aroma for either yourself or someone dear to you.  All in memory of two very special women in my life!


Danielle Magdych, Jewelry Designer


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