Which bracelet do you love?  These aromatherapy bracelets were created by each guest at our Aroma on the Rocks House Party in Austintown, Ohio.  We bring the supplies, the essential oils, and the tools along with instructing you step by step in creating your own aromatherapy bracelet or necklace!  The essential oils are certified organic and available for purchase during the event!  If you’re interested in your own Aroma on the Rocks House Party, please use my Contact icon on my website or private message me on Facebook at Whimsical Winged Creations.

Silver with black and aqua lava stones, amazonite and hematite stones

Silver with Aqua & Blue Lava Stones, Hematite and Amazonite stones

Silver with Green & White Lava Stones and Sandstone

Purple Lava Stones with Silver accessories and custom made Black Lava Rock & Hematite Stone Aromatherapy Ring

Gold accessories with purple & turquoise lava stones

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