Peeking Cat – Dog – Chicken – Pig Butt 100% Cotton Crochet Coasters
Peeking Dog Butt Crochet Coasters
Peeking Pig Butt Crochet Coasters
Peeking Chicken Butt Crochet Coasters

Are you looking at my bum? You bumlooker you! That’s what every cat, dog, pig and chicken is thinking in these hilarious animal butt coasters! Bunnies and horses will be added to this collection in the near future. I crochet each coaster made to order in the color of your choice, including the eye color! I sell these coasters in sets of 2, 4 or more! Mix and match animal butts. Make someone laugh each time they drink their hot or cold beverage. Fun gift idea. Check out my current collection by clicking on the “Shop” button.

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