Wall Art by Whimsical Winged Creations

Whimsical Winged Creations 3D Wall Art

In January of 2018, I left the legal world behind and I began a new chapter in my life, focusing on my creative side.   As a result, I added new signature statement pieces to my jewelry. I put my Whimsical Winged Creations behind glass; and I enlisted the help of my hubby, Doug, to expand on my Whimsical Wired Tree displays.  His creative juices are now flowing too!  These items are being added to my website for sale, and will also be available for sale at specific galleries and gift shops in N.E. Ohio.  The designs range in price from $24 to $300 on the Whimsical Wired Trees which are beautiful on their own or incorporated into your wedding decor, office space, or a lovely location in your home.  The Whimsical Winged Creations under glass have a 3D effect and will add sparkle, shimmer, and beauty to any location you desire.  Each of my creations is hand designed, wired, sparkled, and created after real species in nature.  Please treat yourself to a special day at any of the following galleries and gift shops I currently sell my art and experience these creations in-person:  Artisans Corner Gallery, Hansel’s Locally Blown Glass Gallery, and His Daughter Shop.


Specialty Driftwood Trees

Driftwood with moss and 2 wired trees

Whimsical Wired Tree

Beaver Chewed Wood with Wire Tree

Cake topper option

Aluminum and copper wired tree

Wired Tree Options

A forest of wired trees


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